British Boutique labels of the 1960s and 1970s: Dollyrockers by Sambo

Jungle print Dollyrockers dressNouveau flowers Dollyrockers dressOne of our favourite labels of the sixties and seventies British Boutique Movement era is Dollyrockers by Sambo. Being big fans of floral and psychedelic prints, we can never resist a frock bearing this label, so have compiled a little history on Dollyrockers including images of some of our past and present stock from this collectable boutique fashion label.



Dollyrockers label


Dollyrockers originated in 1963, and their in-house designer was Samuel Sherman (known as 'Sambo', as you will see on the Dollyrockers label here, taken from the jungle print shift dress above!). Samuel Sherman had been designing under the Sambo moniker since the late 1940s, and became recognised for his 1950s frocks made in Marchington cottons.


Pattie Boyd in Dollyrockers



The lovely Pattie Boyd modelled the Dollyrockers range in early publicity campaigns, with co-ordinated footwear by Dolcis Shoes. The 1964 picture to the right shows Pattie in a sleeveless gingham checked Dollyrockers frock with lace collar and bib detail, priced at u00a314 4s. Gorgeous!

At the time, Pattie had just started to date Beatle George Harrison, so this must have been quite a coup for the label, gaining valuable increased attention for their campaign via their lucky cover girl's love life!



Liberty fabric Dollyrockers mini dress

Liberty fabric Dollyrockers label

Dollyrockers also collaborated with Liberty of London for some of their designs, and above you can see a stunning example of a Dollyrockers long sleeved turquoise mini dress from our archive, made in original Liberty printed fabric. Next to it is a close-up of the label and more detail from the beautiful and classic Liberty floral print.


Peasant dress by DollyrockersInto the 1970s, the label became best known for their peasant style frocks like the one to the right here, and for their floaty floral maxi dresses.

The label ceased in 1975, but has become a covetable name for those interested in the Youthquake fashions of the sixties. Their garments are a colourful memento of Swinging London in its c20th fashion heyday.

Samuel Sherman went on to produce clothing under his label 'Clothes by Samuel Sherman'.

You can view our current collection of Dollyrockers dresses here.


  • I was at Old Kent Road for the opening in 1958, wonderful Company

    Jeffrey Mandeli
  • I was the telephonist at the factory in the Old Kent Road. Had lots of Dollyrocker dresses and suits. I remember Sandy Shaw visiting in the early 60s.

    Rosemary Moon
  • My mother Irene C worked as a machinist/seamstress, a size 12 often was allowed to try on factory items for view/fit. She was a very good dressmaker, it amazed me, hidden zips (don’t bother nowadays) and checked patterns that lined up on the collars or shoulders! She would have been there with Mr Pearce.

  • I still have a Dollyrocker dress, bought for 5 guineas (more than half a week’s pay) in Richard shops in May 1965 and still in great condition. Better condition than I – too big for it for 50 years!
    I kept because it was the last dress I bought which had such an excellent design, cut and finish.

  • I fist joined Samuel Sherman in the 60s as a pattern cutter at the factory in the Old Kent Rd.Was there for about 13 years ending up running the production side of the business after Horace Jones semi retired through illness.Great business,lovely family,good memories.Left to return to my home in New Zealand.

    Dick Pearce

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